TaalAtma – Jugalbandi of Contemporary and Classical Dance & Music (15th May 2011)

Ace drummer Mukul Dongre, young and gorgeous Kathak/ Lavani/ Fusion dance exponent and actor Aditi Bhagwat and renowned Sitar player Ravindra Chari will team up to render the dance and music conception TaalAtma at JT Pac on Sunday,15th May 2011 at 7pm . TaalAtma meaning ‘rhythmic music that touches every soul’ will be a Jugalbandi of contemporary and classical dance and music. The music and dance medley will feature pure classical dance, Tatkaar/ Kathak footwork to drums, Lavni, sitar-drum jugalbandis, drum and sitar solo instrumentals and so on. The group uses its music and dance talent to create new age sounds for a contemporary music feel and experiments with various combinations of rhythm, music and dance that are possible.

The two hour performance, which is a nice blend of different kinds of dance and music with a rhythmic energy as a common base, is sure to captivate the audience from beginning till end. The show starts with a fantastic dance sequence by Aditi Bhagvath called Vande Mataram. As the show progresses Aditi will mesmerize the audience with her Kathak, Lavani and fusion dance sequences. The acts named ‘Shiv Thandav’ ,’ Mast’ and ‘Thumri’ have different paces, some will let you into a meditative state of bliss while others will thrill you with agile and energetic movements.

Sitar player Ravindra Chari and percussionist Mukul Dongre who are peerless in their respective instruments will entertain the audience with solo and team performances. The sequences named ‘Ingoma’ and ‘Jugalbandi’ will see the teaming up of Mukul Dongre and Ravindra Chari. Sayalee Talwalkar on Vocal, Merlin D’Souza on Keyboard and Amit Kavthekar on Tabla are the other performers in Taalatma team. With a wide range of dance and musical experience to offer, Taalatma is sure to mystify the audience and leave them spell bound!

For enquiries contact 9349528057 or 9349528107 or visit www.jtpac.org.

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