Private Bus Strike In kochi

Private buses in kochi will be off the road from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m today demanding the implementation of the minimum wages approved by the government.

Buses from other places will end their services outside the city. Talks were held between the representatives of the employees and the bus owners before the Regional Labour Commissioner but failed as the owners stuck to their stand that they will not hike the wages of the employees. The strike is to affect thousands of passengers who depend on private buses.K.S.R.T.C having a large number of Thirukochi services and low floor buses can compensate the strike. It is believed that the intensity of the strike may not be high as in the previous days.

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2 comments on “Private Bus Strike In kochi
  1. George J says:

    It is the duty of the government to facilitate transport facility for the public.
    If the private bus owners and workers organise a strike, then Kochi city will be dtand still. This situation need to be changed. The government must establish a Kochi City Transport Corp.and then bring the Thiru Kochi buses under this Corp. This step has to be taken immediately for the general public interest.

  2. kanaran says:

    It is the duty of every bus thozhilali to organise a strike. So let them do their duty. They are born to organise strikes. :)

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