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I serached the internet for a free domain service provider. But I could not find a single website.  Long ago there were some websites providing free domains for a limited period. Because of the arraiving of new TLDs, now many sites are offering free sub domains

under their domian which would look like a real paid domain. It will help you to create a subdomian and forward it to your existing freely hosted website or blog. suppose if you are having a blog called, your visitors can easily access the blog with new short is a new web site offering the free domain service with free url redirection. It has the featue of url masking, instatnt activation, path forwarding, free search engine submission etc.

For those who are new entrants, i may explain the above in detial. You first create a free website or blog. For this you can make use of or If you want to create any other website with for feature, you can find a lot of free website hosting providers such as, etc. Now you register for a free domain name at Once you got your free domain name, please point the domain to the blog or the website you created eralier. You are DONE! Let us have fun and you can make money too with adsense.

Just try it. Its free and no ads.

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